8. November 2023
08:15 - 08:30

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Combining Design Thinking and Lean Approaches to Support Innovation Initiatives in Healthcare

How to derisk and support startup projects in a lean way. How to use a DT approach to define and set up the hands-on experiment that is the most appropriate...
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Dr. Thierry Dagaeff

Innovate #LikeABosch – How We Drive Agile Innovation At Bosch

Why innovation beyond the core is needed in established corporates. The Bosch Accelerator Program – a validation engine for intrapreneurship. A typical week of an innovation team. Why we banned...
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Manuel Krauß

Development of Innovative & State of the Art Media Products Using an Agile Mindset & Methods

Agile Mindset / Innovation as DNA: How do we want to achieve our goals? How we develop innovative products using agile methods.  
Dennis Galejski

Fostering Innovation and Optimizing Delivery: Embracing Disciplined Agile Practices in a FinTech

Synergy between adaptability and innovation. Principles of Disciplined Agile. Fostering ongoing innovation and optimizing the delivery of solutions. Methodologies for selecting the appropriate toolbox. Nurturing a culture that embraces Disciplined...
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Laetitia Aegerter-Cuello
Edwige Fiaclou
10:45 - 11:30


Leveraging Partnerships for Competitive Advantage

Understanding the interconnected nature of innovation. Case studies of collaborative innovation partnerships. Managing risks and challenges associated with open innovation.
Mehmet Perk

My personal implementation roadmap

Reasons why Agile may fail? Why SAFe by the book didn´t work out. Failing Forward and reaching the tipping point. How to Set up an (agile) Organization for success? how...
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Christoph Lohrer
12:30 - 13:30


How a hyper-agile software startup creates value and is set to transform its industry

Potential & challenges of our industry. What “hyper-agile” means: Applying the Stacey-matrix. What established companies can learn from cubotoo.
Hendrik Leschber

Business Agility and its Characteristics in an Automotive Environment

Impact of agile transformation on People, Process & Tools. Redefining the standard process suite. Ensure compliance along with Agility.
Sanjay Mahadev Khatte
Dr. Rajesh Ganji
14:30 - 15:00


Unlocking Innovation Potential: Empowering Niche Vertical Teams (Guilds) for Agile Success

Transformative power of niche vertical teams. Specialised groups as innovation catalysts. Methods, processes and cultural shifts required. Innovation at the intersection of niche expertise and cross-functional collaboration.
Stepan Papazyan

How to Inspire an Agile Innovation Mindset and Foster Growth Innovation Culture

Why Agile is a critical success factor to address today’s challenges. My first contact with Agile, and why did I adopt the approach? What are the challenges with Agile?
Laurent Giezendanner

The Agile Triad: Strategy, Structure, Culture

The “Golden Triangle”  is central to agile leadership. Fundamental framework for a successful implementation of agile methods. Closer look at the interrelationship of strategy, structure, and culture.
Dr. Sandra Roth